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Sanctuary of Unconditional Love - S.O.U.L. Center
Sanctuary of Unconditional Love - S.O.U.L. Center

Welcome to S.O.U.L. Center

Sanctuary of Unconditional Love  [S.O.U.L. Center] is a place of 

peace, love and acceptance 

for people of all beliefs 

About S.O.U.L. Center

Who We Are


We are spirits in the world of form who focus on love in the present and have let go of fear, judgement and grievances.

Our founder and facilitator is Rev Dr Valerie Galante, an ordained Interfaith Minister, author and Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  Our membership is inclusive and reciprocal, meaning that we all believe that in order to perceive and receive we must first give - for in so doing we experience our true nature.

What We Are


We are members who meet weekly to experience and discuss the lessons from A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and who are committed to living with the belief that a miracle is a shift in perception, and that shift is letting go of the ego and illusions in favor of accepting that you are a perfect manifestation of creation whose true nature if pure loving energy. 

Why We Are

We exist to give and receive, to teach and learn - they are all the same.  We attest to our beliefs in spoken words and direct experiencing.  A teacher of Love (or God or however you conceive and understand It) is anyone who chooses to be.  Rev Dr Val has made a mindful, deliberate choice to see no separation between self and others - we are all one existence.  She has made this choice, answered this calling and believes that those people who find their way to her are exactly those who are supposed to learn and teach with her. 

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As more people join together, we grow in love and purpose.  Please contact Rev Dr Val for info about meetings and to get answers to your questions.

SOUL Center

7944 Quail Breast Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89131, US

(702) 439-2290


Our regular meeting time for ACIM Lesson discussions will be on Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  Hope you can join us!

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