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Sanctuary of Unconditional Love - S.O.U.L. Center
Sanctuary of Unconditional Love - S.O.U.L. Center

Welcome to S.O.U.L.

Sanctuary of Unconditional Love  

 is a place of 

peace, love and acceptance 

for people of all beliefs 

About S.O.U.L.

Who We Are



We are spirits in the world of form who focus on love in the present and have let go of fear, judgement and grievances.

Our founder and facilitator is Rev Dr Valerie Galante, an ordained Interfaith Minister, Author and Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  Our membership includes people of all beliefs and  faiths; we are inclusive and reciprocal.  We believe that in order to perceive and receive we must first give - for in so doing we experience our true loving nature.

What We Are



We are  a sanctuary of peace within the world of form.   Our founder, Rev Dr Valerie Galante offers ministry services including spiritual guidance and direction, officiating at weddings and vow renewals, and facilitating ACIM study groups. Members meet weekly to experience and discuss the lessons from A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and are committed to living with the belief that a miracle is a shift in perception; that is, shifting from fear to love, from ego-mind to spirit-mind, from distress to peace. We do this by letting go of grievances, offering forgiveness and looking past the veil of illusions with true vision.

Why We Are


S.O.U.L. exists to give and receive, to teach and learn - they are the same.  We give and teach LOVE through our  spoken words and actions.  What we give, we will receive in our direct experiencing.  A teacher of Love (or God or however you conceive and understand It) is anyone who chooses to be.  Rev Dr Val has made a mindful, deliberate choice to teach the principles of ACIM and to serve as a spiritual guide and director to help others find their own way.  

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5127 Morning Splash Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89131, United States

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Our regular meeting time for ACIM Lesson discussions will be on Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  Hope you can join us!